Matthew Marlow

A lifetime designer, and software developer by trade, I work for a global hospitality software company in Northampton, England as their Senior Developer and UK R&D team leader. That’s what pays my wages, so my logo projects don’t need to be expensive, an advantage you may be pleased to hear. It’s the passion for brand design that drives my desire to produce great work.

I like to provide working identity projects – graphics that work in their target media, convey the brand message and stand out from the crowd. I want the logos I produce to be of high value for their intended purpose, not design for design’s sake.

The way I achieve this is to gather lots of information in advance of working, and continually update my clients throughout the process. At the end of the project, usually a couple of weeks, you will have a logo that fits your brief, and hopefully exceeds your expectations.

If you’re ready to see what your new brand can achieve, simply fill out the questionnaire and let’s get cracking!