A very challenging brief to create an identity for a counselling practice including a Phoenix and representing positive values such as elegance and strength with vibrant colours and flowing lines.

While the meaning behind the firebird is strength and rebirth – both good concepts to represent a counselling practice – the imagery can easily become quite aggressive and the brief did not allow for the obvious colour spectrum usually found on Phoenix logos (ie. reds and oranges).

The other challenge is the prevalence of logos containing a phoenix. The last thing I wanted was to make something that had been done before. The practice is based in Leicester, where the name Phoenix appears quite a lot for local reasons, so the need to stand out is extremely important.

The final result is a very striking and colourful logo that successfully combines the elegance specified in the brief and the strength of the phoenix emblem without being aggressive or threatening. Overall, the image is very modern, and even ground breaking for a Counselling practice, while not being too unusual that potential clients could be intimidated.